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We welcome new readers to our website. Whenever I visit a new site I want to understand about the folks behind the words and about the thought behind the site. Below are a few FAQs about us.

We are a family of four residing in semi rural England.

At July 2010, we decided to embark on a zero waste lifestyle.

What’s a zero waste lifestyle?

Zero waste lifstyle might lead to some confusion! It conjures up images of self sufficient living off the land and has been known to appear overwhelming to a few of our subscribers.

From the context of the site, we are trying to minimise our weekly landfill waste as far as you can.

We do so by reusing, recycling and composting as far as we could. What’s left is usually non recyclable plastics and composite materials that can’t be recycled or reused.

Presently we put out less than 100gms of waste each week.

In an perfect world, we would love to reuse, recycle or compost everything that comes to our home, but with present recycling facilities nd manufacturers allowed to make any sort of plastic they want for packaging and products, this is not yet viable.

What’s your motivation for your zero waste challenge?

1- With a kid raises your awareness of the fragility of the planet. You realise that long after you’ve gone, your children and their children still need someplace safe and clean to live.

2- Reading stories concerning the devastating effects of plastic on marine life and wildlife touched us beyond words. After viewing the impact of our lifestyle on innocent animals we had been compelled to do it.

Is that a publicity stunt or a diet for 6 months?

This is a lifestyle change that will continue to evolve. As soon as you’ve made changes and realised the impact your current lifestyle is having on the environment, there is not any going back.

Virtually everything we’ve put into place to reduce our waste is now a habit anyhow, so it would not be possible to return to our’old ways’.

Our conscience has kicked in and it feels bad deep to the core of our being to throw things in the landfill. Wherever we can locate a more repsonsible approach to eliminate our waste, we’ll.

Why should I bother diminishing my weekly household waste?

If current estimates are correct, we’ve got about 9 years of landfill space left from the united kingdom.

There are numerous news headlines regarding recycling, pay-as-you-throw schemes, greater landfill taxed and penalties for individuals that don’t recycle correctly.

Recycling more and placing less rubbish into the landfill is better for the environment and our future.

After landfill space runs out that the options include incinerators, fly tipping, shipping our waste to other countries and whatever else we don’t know about yet.

Additionally, we’re running out of resources, therefore it makes sense to reuse things as far as possible before finally recycling them for future usage.

How do my individual action make a difference?

A lot of individuals do not bother doing something because they feel helpless or that their contribution isn’t enough to make a difference.

Imagine if you made the choice to recycle one more can a week. You might not think this will change the world overnight.

But imagine if everyone in the Uk recycled one more can each week. This would be 60 million more cans being recycled weely. Now THAT makes a significant difference!

We recommend you to reevaluate your’insignificance’ and get on and make a change anyhow. Once your friends and family see you making adjustments they may be motivated to join in. Before you know it you’ll be making a real difference.

Emily Bates

Emily Bates

I grew up in the rural United Kingdom with tons of exposure to some conventional rural way of life, and only now do I realize just how much that's shaped me. Until recently, I lived in Australia, with no backyard and without a powerful eco-movement to rely on. It has sparked my impulse to talk about my regular thoughts with friends, and it's opening up a dialog I have not had up to now. I am a mum of 4 gorgeous kids & another due! I'm a recycling enthusiast and zero waste lifestyler.