is all about reducing and eliminating our personal contribution to waste and environmental contamination. No other monster generates so much waste and harmful substance from its everyday life. From the minor action of flushing SLS to the water route when cleaning your teeth to dumping cars in landfills or burying nuclear waste, we are certainly and surely polluting the entire world into a vital state at which it can’t absorb any or regain.

Put, there are many humans on the earth and in the western world. We are especially bad at leaving a daily course of waste, undesirable substance, and environmental pollution.

Daily we fill our bins with waste packaging food, broken and unwanted things and chemical products. It gets collected by the municipal agencies and also for us; it’s out of sight and out of thoughts.

But here’s the rub… we can buy a wrapped in plastic packaging so that it can be food or a piece of clothing. We use it, and eventually, it may break, and we throw it away and buy a new one. That’s the shortest aspect of its life cycle! What happens when we throw it away usually is only the start of a life of darkness that is hidden and chemical decay since it was buried in the floor.

If it’s plastic or even a compound derivative, then it might exist for up to a few hundred years at the landfill, then slowly decaying and parasitic its polluting toxic chemical components which leach into the soil and watercourses. In case the waste becomes rancid, it releases highly poisonous gasses into the air that result in greenhouse gasses and air born chemicals that affect life on the planet.